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Northern chan, Kyrgyz Ridge
Краткое описание: Горный поход

Тянь-ШаньThis trip to North Tian-Shan was made for me in many ways. The longest, most physically complex and so on can be listed a lot. But it is safe to say that he has become the most logical extension of all my sports business.

Marshrut: a/l. Ala-Archa - Per. Min-Julka (4050 m, 1B) (radial) - Per. Spartakiads (4100 m, 1B) per They're 100-summer of the city Frunze (3900 m, 1B) - a/l. Ala-Archa - Teke-Tor (4100 m, 2A) - Per. Simonova (3850 m, 1B) - Instructor (4440 m, 2A*) - Delta of the Alamedin River - Iskra Central (4380, 2A) - Per. X-Ata Vost. (4080, 1B) - Issyk-Ata resort.

Вид на долину и альплагерь Ала-АрчаThe whole path can be divided into three large parts. The first is the ring west of Ala Arci, the second and most important ring, from alplagher to the Alamedin River, and the third from the rest base to Issyk Ata.

Переправа через реку в бродSo, it was a trip to three categories of complexity. For the trip, it was complicated, but it can only be counted as a plus for experience and for the future.
160 km, 8 intervals, 21 days. Initially, 19 days and 2 spare days were planned, but they had to be used because of weather and the passage of the ice after the feather. Workshoper (4440 m, 2A*). We've gone through everything planned and, by the way, we've got two seats on the Central Federal District Championship 3 to c!

The northern Tian-Shanya region, the Kirgis Ridge, is very accessible in terms of travel and exit and organization of food dumps. To the south of Bishkek, mountains are drastically beginning to come down by hills and bypasses almost to the city itself.
Immediately before we left, we organized a food dump on the Silver Key (for the third part of our journey). For the second part, we left it in Ala Arce, where we returned after the first ring.

Водопад Граница альпийских лугов и морены Ясное утро в горах Первая ступень морены

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