Viii International Federation of National Cultures
Детская империя туризма !

From 07 to 11 June 2016, the younger group of the Rodniki model choreography team participated in the VIII International Bluebird National Crop Festival. The competition is held in Gorno Altaye on the Katuni Living Bank, Child Rest Centre Tourism empire" . Festival organizers: Altai Regional Public Organization, Young Activists ' Union (Festival Directorate); Department of Education and Youth Policy of the Altai Region; Altai province ' s Office of Culture and Archives; This is not the first time that our team has been involved in this competition. The Horeography. Solists Zair Ruslan, Egorov Yuli, Lotoskaya Lisa and ensemble were declared with the Kamarinski and Balalaika. The bright, red plates filled at a high professional level were marked by high awards by members of the jury. Zairier Ruslan is the first place, Egorov Yule is the second place, Lotocca Lisa is the third place, ensemble is the second place! In addition to the competition, the boys were able to climb the Tavdin cave and visit the National Museum A. V. Anohina in Gornau-Altiske! This prestigious competition left the boys of the sea with positive emotions and unforgettable impressions!

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