Hill Hike

Active rest in the alumte
в строну Алушты

Catalogue of active tours and entertainments that can be taken on vacation in Alessta. We need to get on the mountains in the area. It can be done on a walk with a tour or an uncomplicated walk, on a quadrocycle, ordering tours of any kind of complexity and on horses, taking unsuccessful final walks.

45 adventures

You can order any tour from our catalogue to the gift certificate. It's a great way to truly congratulate a close man or colleague.

In these cities, our activists often order adventures. Call attention to other popular areas and resorts.

Are you planning on taking your vacation in Alessta active? Great choice! A catalogue of tours and adventures of Turnado will help meet this challenge. It's just enough to be patience, to look at our long and interesting list of tours, to choose a suitable one (and a little more, because it's no fun!)

Active rest in Alessta for mountain amateurs

Alessa: The city is in a wide valley between mountains and seas. The Crimean Mountains in this place have deviated from the sealine by almost six kilometres, creating a particularly beautiful landscape. By climbing down the slopes, you can see how listening to Alesst at his feet ends with a beach line. You can go up to the mountains on your two, on your horse, or with a powerful quadrocycle engine or a jeep. All the thoughtful mountain active tours in Alessta and around here are gathered on this page. Jeepturer on Mount Demergi, final walk past the old Funa fort, I don't know. On the platoon and his cave, it's not a complete list of active rest in Alessta!

Who are the active tours in Alessta?

You don't have to think that active rest is meant for athletes. Newcomers may be involved. The whole family came to one of Alessa's boards, but was it bored all the time? It's time to order our tours for adults and children! It is known that acute feelings and bright emotions are particularly close to people. Give your second half to your children a new, inexplicable Crimea from another angle!

Alumta sports tours for profiling

If you can't count yourself as newcomers in the world of active rest, welcome to our special adrenaline tours. It's a catalogue raiser in the cave of Gugergin or the cave of MAN! Participants have to go down on the ropes in the subsoil of the earth. Do we know that Crime is famous for his caves where we can still get to the heart of the earth so close?

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