First Hike

The secret of the pitfalls is the death of a unit in the mountains
поход в Карпаты, Черногорский

Dytlov's... Scientists demand re-examination of the criminal case that was initiated in 1959. Nine students of the Ural Politeha, led by Igor Ditlov, went to the camp. What happened is a mystery. Everybody died. Almost at the same time.

Official cause of death: "The power they were unable to overcome." And since then, ufologists have been talking about alien attacks, mystics about vengeance of evil spirits, conspirologists about super weapon tests.

In order to set points above "i," Channel One and The Comsomol Truth sent an expedition to the Dytlov River, which was fully rebuilt and reconstructed, and the expedition of that deadly walk.

The Dytlov group started its walk for nothing. Ural. Spark. Romantic! Turns out it's a one-way route. Nine people are nine mysterious deaths.

Reconstruct details, understand who or what killed tourists. They went on a trip in January 1959. Sports boys and two girls.

Photo for memory. Eternal. The tape will be detected by the investigators. Head, Igor Ditlov. And there's a part of the party in the snow, a prophecy footage. The last night, as always, was put in a tent.

At night, something kicked people out. The freaking freeze was running for something. No clothes, no vain. Even a sausage. The tent will be lost. The tourists themselves slaughtered their only refuge from the inside.

"When the saviors found the tent, all buttons, except the two lower ones, as we see now, have been glued up," tells Nikolai Varsegov's special correspondent.

"I traveled in the same area, only 50 kilometres south. And we even agreed with the Dytlov group to meet, reminds the USSR Master of Tourism, Vladislav Carelin.

They only got caught in Sverdlovsk in two weeks. When all the time has passed. ♪ ♪

"We flew over the helicopter, from Yevdel, there's no sign of anyone. But the thought's gone, we have to look for the living, says Karelin.

Yuri Dorochenko and Yuri Krivonichenko were found, above the slope, Igor Ditlov and two others. The rest were found only in May when the snow was growing. The forensics showed that tourists were frozen. But they were traumatized - rib fractures, skull bones. Ludmila Dubininina had his tongue ripped.

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