Rest in the Bardino Balcar: Diving Centre and thermal resort
Горы Кавказа

My homeland is the Caucasus. But living there, I've never been to the mountains. And now that I'm going there to see my parents, taking advantage of the occasion, I'm taking a trip to the mountains. About the tour from the Stark, which took only one day, I want to tell you more.

First we went to the Chegem waterfalls. Chegem in translation from the Balkar language means " hard land " and there is a legend. The Lord Karashawei decided to verify the strength of his horse. And the end of the sauce broke a hole in the mountain, and the water flowed from there. On the joys of the rich, the word “chegem”, which is now called the valley and the river, has been screamed.

The Czech waterfalls (the Balkarians call them Su-Ausa, which translates into " water from the throat " ) are in canyon with back rocks of 300 metres and the width of the closest narrow is only 20 metres.

They came to the first waterfall. The only waterfall from the entire system that can be approached. It's an untransmitted feeling when you get a drop of such a powerful waterfall from that height. They say it's good. It's all bad.

There were guerrillas hiding in the Great Father's rocks and caves. And then a large group of fascists started on the offensive (the waterfall is in a stone bag, i.e., around the rocks and it's impossible to get out of there, entrance only one) and shot the snipers on top.

Let's go to the second Chegem waterfall. The road passes along the Chegem River and is cut in a rock from which the water drops from above. The right of the river and the mosque of the river with its fluxes. They went to a café, which is in the natural niche in the rock. Stolen in national style - suits, horns, skins. It looks good. Drinking hot weed tea and eating chicks, thin as pancakes, but also with the raw stuff inside. Around waterfalls, local handholders sell a lot of tied clothes. The waterfalls themselves need to be seen with their own eyes.

After we visited the Chegem waterfalls, we went to the Blue Lakes. The lake may be composed of the Lower Blue Lake (Cerik-Köl, Cherek-Kul) and the Upper Blue Lake (including the Soo and Secret). We were only on the bottom lake. Jacques Eve Cousteau was unable to accurately determine the depth of the lake in the research (from 200 to 250 m). But there are assumptions that the depth of the lake is much greater, because no one has reached its bottom. In the depths, this lake occupies the third place in Russia after the Teletski in Alta and Baikal.

The uniqueness of the lake is that no river falls into it, but in one day it flows around 70 million litres of water. Cerik-Kul is what they call the lake locals, which translates into a rotary lake. The origin of the lake among the local population is legendary.

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