Mini Hiking

Alpam mountain feeding councils
Наученные ни на одном походе
В ожидании ужина в ресторане Милана
Gray Alps walk
  1. During the day, the following meals are needed: breakfast, lunch (full, soup), half a day, dinner.
  2. The soup can be arranged in a day.
  3. You need a variety of sweets. Each species has to be forged.
  4. Tea, too. But consider the effects of tea.
  5. And in general, the effects of all products (e.g. peas).
  6. When you buy food, don't give up the deal! Like, "Why do we need dried cherries! Let's take a raisin instead. And there's raisins in snacks. And Dani doesn't even know how tired he is! So look for an overseas buckle in the same interest.
  7. Try local food. We bought macaroons in Italy. What? Italy is! But you may have difficulties finding some products in stores. (There are Greeks everywhere in Russia and there are virtually no sales in Europe). First, study the tamish assortium.
  1. Beating food is better at home. Pick up 100 bags. And fill them with food. It's very convenient for every meal to create a bag for every tent. It's very comfortable when tents are self-contained in terms of food. Note: There are restrictions on the transport of food across the State border (the import of products containing animal protein into Europe is prohibited), the product phase should be held in the hotel accordingly.
  2. So get yourself some assistants in the other tents. They'll know what and when the band eats. They can change the menu at their own discretion or in the opinion of all the tents. Be vigilant! For the group's opinion, of course, listen, but very much. I don't know. Don't touch it. The band doesn't know you have nice, edible surprises. ♪ ♪
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