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Mining pharmacy
Личная медицинская аптечка для

Аптечка походнаяI have to say that the list of drugs that take with them is not small. I mean, you need to take medications and devices that can help cure a man in a convenience, or at least help "stop" before the hospital's skilled health care.

Let's see the use of the pharmacy in the example of our trip to Altai.

Fortunately, we didn't use the pharmacy much. Mosles and sieves were processed - iodine, leukolastery, hydrogen transfusion, levomecol, wata.

In addition, glucose ascorbine acid was used in high-load days, on average, five-day tablets were produced. It was necessary for energy.

Senade was used as a weak plant-based tool (the abundance of anti-raglioxides from senna (cassi) leaflets) with acute and narrow-mindedness. The thing is, after long journeys in transport during the dumping, everything in the stomach is "destruct" and it's hard to get out of the system on its own. The exchange of substances is also disrupted by climate change and increased loads. That's why the hike might need a weakness.

Больные колени в походеSometimes we took Cytramon - he's good at headaches. But for those with high pressures to be extremely careful, because Cytramon increases it.

An elastic bint was used from the relay pharmacy. They've got sick knees. We need to ensure that the bin is not too weakly recorded (in which case it can fly) and not too much (closing blood flow).

A simple Bint 7 on 14 in our walk was only used as a water filter and only once.

In the catches due to loads, joints are often smashed (colens, elbows, necks, etc.). Our trip was no exception. For this to happen, the Indovazin mask is used - it is used in sharp and chronic polyarthys (the inflammation of several joints), neurotics (the inflammation of the neurbia), plexites (the neural plunging), radikulits, tromboflebites (the inflammation of the wall with their sculum))

The first signs of a cold in the form of samurai were prevented by the Star Balsam. They were snooping outside. There were others in the pharmacy. ♪ ♪

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