Mining Alpah

Горный туризм в итальянских

The section is based on the first rounds of the Alps Club in the summer of 2010. A total of 46 people participated. Six trips to the Eztal Alps, High Tower and Penn Alps.

The groups visited the following alpine areas:

1. Glockwamps3. Glocker5. Goldberg2. Wyskam4. Vendiger6. Monte Roza

Over the next five years, the club will continue to organize the Alps to explore the opportunities there (in different countries and regions) for mining activities bypass tourism and alpine transshipment maps.

Despite the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, the summer in Alps is very short. Already in August, half days in highlands are rain and snowfall. The best time to go to Alps is the second half of June and the first half of July.

Alps is a place where alpineism was born out of the hill. The silhouettes of the famous alpine peaks are familiar to every man who loves the mountains and travels. The Alps will also become the hub of bypass tourism, depending on the coherence of the activities of mountain tourists in Eastern Europe.

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