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Восхождение На Горы

Поход по Армении” " Marshruts of walking "

Duration - 10 days

Kilometraz - 70 km

Value $300

Complex - medium

Place of departure: Yerevan (all day)

Place of arrival:Yerevan (after 5:00)

Next dates:

  • Not yet on schedule

The ancient Church of Great Armenia is the first Christian State of the planet. The Roman Empire, in whose territory Christian faith was born, declared Christianity of its religion only in a quarter of a century. In addition to the training in the mountains, Armenia ' s walking includes visiting famous biblical sites. Mountains in Armenia everywhere, over 300 in the country. Although the symbol of the country, the holy mountain of Ararat, was handed over to Turkey at the beginning of the 20th century, the outlet and so forth the Armenians call their mountains, because they always look at their homelands.Ереван This is true, the most beautiful panorams of Ararat can be seen in the territory of Armenia. Are you ready to hold the eyes of the sacred Ararat? Then, forward, in the tips of this ancient country.

10 days in Armenia are the most important and interesting:

  1. Yerevan is an ancient city with a long history and a famous guard on the horizon, mountain of Ararat.
  2. The Harney Temple is a copy of the ancient Greek Acrobola, with the basement of the cyclical bronze century.
  3. The canyon of the Azat River is an striking stone relay created by the natural force of the river.
  4. Vishapas are high-density force.
  5. Ajaak volcano (3597 m) is Armenia ' s third high point, which opens species at Ararat and Aragac.
  6. Lake Sevan is one of the world ' s largest freshwater lakes, the most popular Armenian resort.
  7. Sevanavank's monastery is one of the most vivid corners of Armenia, with the magnificent panorams of Sevan.
  8. The Echmiadzin cafeteria is the place where the Bible Relics are stored: the length of the Grigori of the Enlighter, the Noev Ark board, the legendary Spear of Destiny, where the blood of Jesus Christ was buried.
  9. Entering Aragac is the highest peak of Armenia.
  10. Return to Yerevan.Храм Гарни After the hills Armenia is a completely different Jerevan :

Day 1. Yerevan

The capital of Armenia deserves close attention: this ancient city is 29 years older than Rome. In 2018, Erevan will celebrate its 2800th anniversary. On the pink city map, it's like a solar circle from which the radius of the Ulys. If you sit on the wheel of vision before sunset and climb over Yerevan, you can see a miracle. In a moment, the sun is moving houses from white and grey to one colour and an ancient city becomes pink!
We're in a hostel and we're going to go to the streets of Yerevan to assess all his sights.

Вид на Арарат Монастырь Гегард Каньон реки Азат Монастырь Авуц Тар

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