Active rest on the Caucasus: mountains and valleys
Походы по Кавказу

The Caucasian Ridge: sharp peaks and deep valleys, tidal bulbs and treasonous streams of mountain rivers, staggering the greatness of waterfalls and lakes with unbelievably clean bilge water...

Whoever was in the Caucasus is trying to get back there again. The mountains are maiming their intransigence by only the bravest, and the beauty of the nature of the Caucasian is like "see Paris and die" is a spectacle of spirit, and species that conquer hearts.

Active rest in the mountains of the Caucasus is an opportunity to prove yourself that you can; the opportunity to discover the potential of hidden abilities; it is to overcome the complexities and obstacles (both physical and psychological) and the way to understand, to clean up your mind and to understand what you want from life.

But that's not all. After the difficulties you'll probably meet during the tourists. on the mountains of the CaucasusIt's so nice to go down to the Black Sea coast, to dive into warm water, provided you rest in the summer or early autumn, and to breathe whole salt air. And in the evening, at the stake, instead of the usual sound of the guitar string, you can experiment and float under the Black Eyes and "Yeah, yeah, that's Caucasus," throwing your hands sharply and drawing the legs of the pretzel, simulating the ling.

Active recreation in the Caucasus is multidimensional in its objectives: good physical training and full psychological relaxation and health benefits. Reading mountain air is a balm for your lungs, suffocated by megapolis. In the crystal clear water of mountain lakes, it is so pleasant to bathe after a day of knowledge or an incredulous rise on the mountain. And the south tan? Can you get the perfect tan, lying on the beach in the sun, like a bag of potatoes? The body burns evenly only when it moves, and when it rises up to the mountains, where there's a way to see the snow with the ice, a much more pleasant burial and a whole time.

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