Active rest in the wing - hiking in the mountains - vacation in 2016
Гора Сахарная Голова в Судаке

Вид на Веселое и горы далее со стороны Караул ОбаMore and more people come to rest in Crimea and Sudak, sanding in the beating and looking at mountains around, secretly wish at least one of them to conquer in the near future.
But are we going to do this? Yes! Turns out the whole trick is to get yourself up early, that's all!
The supply on the mountain tours in Crimea for a modern man can only be a flask and a camera plus a symbolic nose in a small backpack with a different petty one.
However, self-sustaining passage to the mountains is often not the impression that we are counting on: the path is flooded much, which means that it is easy to pass and not to notice a small maid or something unusual and relevant in the surrounding landscape.
Moreover, the hiking of the mountains is always more interesting in a small group of people who have a common desire: to take an active rest and visit where the human leg rarely comes. Usually, such a team receives initial training, has a clear picture of where it goes, and it usually has a pilot instructor or a local guide.
That is what we propose in the Spirit region: one-day hike (without a salty backpack, no sleepover in the mountains, mandatory bathing at sea or in mountain waterfalls).
We offer individual-group one-day walks on a separate route; weekend routes up to three calendar days on combined one-day routes and routes “Sudak Circle” up to nine calendar days: from Uscuta waterfalls to beautiful Ekiki-Daga
What's the beauty and novel of our routes is we'll talk about it next.
The most important thing to decide for myself is that it's the mountain that's been through my strength and my vacation in Crimea and in the Court to steal this one-day transition.

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