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"grand" tourist equipment: a walk-in backpack and his "inside âtma"
Медицинские препараты для
So, we're gonna keep analysing the list of drugs in the tourist pharmacy. Starting to read in the first part of this article, " Natural recreational aid kit. Description, list of drugs in the pharmacy. " However, before proceeding directly to what should be included in the kit, I would like to draw your attention to two points, one way or another, concerning the medical issue in the care.
First, it is possible to carry a wounded participant. The means and devices for this to be used in a walking kit will certainly not be written, and it is not smart to carry a wolf around the mountains. Nevertheless, if you still wore with you, say, a tin, a cape and other similar things, it would be nice to have a pen in advance. In this case, the construction of a stretcher in the field will not take several minutes.
Second, it's a reliable connection to the walk. As professional and exhaustive as you may have picked up a list of drugs in the pharmacy, it may sometimes be necessary to help a strong world of its own through the MES, etc.
And why don't you just use your mobile phones to charge your batteries? In addition, it would be good to have a reserve power source, like a solar battery, a hand dynamics machine, etc. I'll tell you everything in a separate article. Now we're on the list of medications.

походная аптечкаList of drugs in the pharmacy: treatment of wounds, spacing, bruises, burns

♪ Switch hydrogen to clean and decontaminated wounds. It's best to take them in the pills, dispersing them as necessary. In the bubble, it's very quick to breathe.
• Antibacterial spray. Talking is more effective than even His Majesty Speart...
• Yod. Handle your wounds! In principle, modern medicine has been questioned in this drug, so I put it on the list as a tribute to tradition. It's obviously not the kind of device that should be included in the kit.
♪ Maz Levomecol ♪ Antibacteric, healing effect. All wounds are particularly effective in the treatment of buried surfaces
• Gel Indovazin. A painkiller, used in planting, bruising, joint pains
• Creme Finalgon. The evidence for use is the same as Indovenza, but the other principle is heating. The point is, don't override the dosage because the bait starts.

• Dimexid's solution. Divided with 50x50 water, used for compressions in ulcers. Personally, it helps me better than any cream.
• Crem Dermazeen. To treat burns
Spray Pantenol. Non-replaceable treatment for sun and thermal burns

Travel kit: painkillers and heating appliances

:: Paracetamol. Against the heat, fever, etc.
• Ketalgin (analogs: ketolac, ketans), Ibuprofen. Abolition pills
♪ The ketolac in the impulses. It's quicker than pills.
Lidocaine 2 per cent. Prevalent local anaesthetic

аптечка первой помощиWhich should be part of the cardiovascular disease aid kit

• Walidol. It also has a sedative effect.
• Valocardin. Like a validol, it's gonna be good after meeting a bear and other rubber.
♪ Nitroglycerin in the Drage
List of drugs in an allergic response kit
Diazolin in the pills. One of the universal funds
♪ Supristine
• Claritin (Clarotadin, Loratadin). In allergic snot, snoring, reactions to insect bites
• Predino. Asthma attacks, anaphylactic shock

In the case of diarrhoeal diseases, the walking kit shall contain:

♪ Active coal. And more. Old " deda " method, which has proved its effectiveness in poisoning
• Imodiam. A powerful anti-propelled, to be accepted only with full confidence that the wear is not caused by the intestinal infection. I mean, when there's no sickness, fever, vomit, etc.
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