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Mountain Yeger Children ' s Camp - Mountain Altai: information on the children ' s camp, photographs and descriptions of the services of the Mountain camp.

The " Mountain Egyptian " child tourist camp is located in the base of the fight on the right bank of Katuni, 1.5 km from the Cheposh Chemaly district of the Republic of Altai (525 km from the town of Novosibirsk). He takes children from 7 to 18. Rest programme

The DTL ' s " Gorge " programme is called " Road will rampant ... " for those who are ready to go through mountains and waterways and overcome their own weaknesses and shortcomings. For those who don't sit there, who like to have fun and have a good time.
The programme combines learning, developing, active, recreational, and sporting aspects.

♪ During their stay in the camp, the boys will be familiar with the foundations of mountain, fae and water tourism, and will learn to use tourist equipment.
- With theoretical knowledge, young tourists will be able to participate in water and technology competitions Tourism
♪ They're testing themselves in the midst of the fast mountain river of Katun, and they're making a two-day trip to the Karakoll lakes.
♪ During the guided tours on the famous sites of Mountain Althai, they will meet the history and culture of this wonderful province. They'll visit an amazing, beautiful, active temple on Patmos Island.
♪ And how wonderfully quiet warm evenings, sitting at the cat on the coast of Katuni, singing songs under the guitar and listening to the legends and myths of Altai.
♪ Rest on a children's tourb is not just new knowledge and skills, but new friends!

Conditions of residence

In summer domes built from kedra and pine, four people.
During the walk, in tents.


Four times in the dining room.
When the food goes, it's ready for the cat.


Stole, summer terrace, bath, shower cabins, medical center, convenience on the ground.


Telephone operator: Biline.

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