Mountain Tours

What do we do in the cargo? 1
горные туры козлы

1. Flush rest
On the broad beaches of the Black Sea coast of Georgia, several resorts were placed. The largest and most famous of them, of course, Batumi, who is the most vibrant of the country in the summer. Playing here free, wide and long, galaxy and crazy beautiful.
There's a lot of fun on the resort, and next to him, there's more beautiful places to go in the intervals. For example, the paradise, the Batum botanical garden. Also the fall of Mahunceti and the Cave of Prometheus. At the end of July, Batumi is traditionally hosting an international jazz festival, which became known worldwide among genre fans.
There are more calm resorts in Georgia. For example, the beautiful city of Kobuleti with the base forest and clean air. Shortly from the Turkish border is the resort of Kvarati. A unique magnetic sand is famous for the Urek resort, where many people come to health.

2. Excursion rest
Georgia, or Sakartwello, as the Georgians call their province, is a country of contrast. Besides, there's a uniquely beautiful place that doesn't look like each other, and there's a surprisingly interesting story. Signing with Georgia usually starts with Tbilisi, the pearls of Zakawkasia. The mood of Tiflis (formerly Tbilisi) is particularly felt in the Old City, where images of cartons and laundry on rope are being revived at every step.
The city of Mzheta, an ancient capital of Georgia, is located near Tbilisi. There is a Svetikhoveli, a religious monument of Christian Georgia. And the famous Jwari Temple rises over the Mzheta, reviving the images of the Mazhiri poems.
In the Georgian city of Siegnaga, you'll be a romantic, because it's a city of love. In Gori, remember the story, there's Joseph Stalin's house. In Borgomi, you'll try famous mineral water from sources.

3. Mountain tours
A lot of resting people go to the mountains in the summer to charge amazing energy places and to enjoy a short time among the wise and magnificent mountains. Exactly. in the mountains There's an opportunity to visit the waterfalls, swim along the rivers, picnic on the shore of the lake.
Mountains, hills, alps, cows, horses... Environmental recreation in nature brings a lot of positive emotions and energy charges for many days. In addition, the culture of the local population remains particularly strong in the mountains. That's why you'll try a different kitchen and meet different traditions.

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