Tracking Tours

Tracking, hip tours and rosses
Если вы опытный путешественник

Tracking is actually just a long walk from one base through mountain breaks, rivers, rocks and valleys. You decide how many obstacles are ready to overcome. An indisputable bonus is the conquering of an inviolable animal and vegetation world, the most important thing is to keep an eye on the sides!

Any pedestrian journey can be attributed to the concept of a track. It's a new, borrowed word actually means the kind we have loved since we were kids, such a kind of pedestrian and mining

The purpose of the track is to move slowly along the route and to look at the surrounding species, to stay behind the shoulders of a small backpack and not to burden the journey of the camera. The rest of the stuff is loaded into the car, or they're piling on animals.

We've tried to create all the conditions that your walk does not become an exhaustive overturning of mountain transcending under the weight of baggage. During the course of the training, you're going to have a pleasant vacation with picnics, an unsuccessful examination of local sights, a night bath, night sleepovers in tent camps.

Yeah, well, it's not everyone's pleasure, it's just that, like, 15 to 25 miles a day. However, those who opt for active rest passively remain admired in the inaccessible to guided buses of places untouched by civilization of caves and valleys. In the Russia-Discovery camp, you're going to have to condone the kinds you're gonna remember and remember.

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