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Traking equipment in non-pale

Before you go to the mountains, try to walk as much as you can in new boots in the park, near the house. That would significantly reduce the risk of washing the mosles in the first days of the walk!

In order to protect ourselves from potential problems with non-quality boots, we recommend that we immediately limit our choices to brands that have long been established in the world market in the segment, namely, the track shoe and have a broad line:

  • Asolo
  • Hanwag
  • LaSportiva
  • Lowa
  • Mammut
  • Meindl
  • Scar
  • Zamberlan

If you're looking for Haiking shoes, you're gonna have to add Salomon and Vasque to that list!

Choose a store where the largest range of these stamps is presented and go for example!

What do you look like the right tickling shoes?

So, it's essential to choose a model:

  • Brende (for a long boot, see list above)
  • The boot is supposed to be from the "Tracking" series, and in no case the "heiking" is not easy. Watch the manufacturer's website, the catalogues in the store. Everyone has this category. Sometimes it's called Backpacking, that's tourism.
  • Daisy Wibram is longer and easy.

Not in principle:

  • Gore-Tex membrane. The main purpose of the membrane is to make the shoe more resistant to leaching. But unfortunately, the boot is breathing worse. My advice is that if you go to the snow or to a really wet region, you should pay a thousand-and-a-half for the membrane. In the case of a track to Everest, I don't think the membrane is necessary - the climate in the area is good, it's almost all on the cable, the snow is almost gone.
  • Coated or combined synthetic. I have both. It works. The only, leather ones are more comfortable.
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