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Все просыпаются и смеются

треккинг в Италии 2016

Trekkin in Italy. Colour in the Seabilini mountains (18-26 June 2016)

Tracking in Italy You can call it a mass insanity. From mountains neither age nor children nor even the absence of mountains in the vicinity (fortunately, the latter paragraph affects very few). The primals of the absorption of suffocating admiration for me as long as I'm behind the tracker around Monblan.треккинг в Италии 2016 Sleeping beers, cool casing down, roads leading to the sky... But there's a very different place, a place out of competition that Monblana doesn't give up at all. It's just that it's not a bit of a mountain crunch, it's a platoon, and it's not easy to compare feelings. This is one of the most amazing regions of Italy, the Umbriya and the most mystical mountains of the country, Monty Sibilini.

треккинг в Италии 2016This is where I invite all mountain, sports and shiny species to the track from 18 to 26 June. During this period, there is an unimaginable boiling of flowers: Maquis, vasils, poultry sparkling the environs into the latched carpet of the worst shades. And we'll be able not just to walk around him, toss in the wicked macock head, but to see the flower from quite different angles, a simple tourist often inaccessible.

Tracking programme

On 18 June, our group will meet in the tiny village of Wisso: a distracted species, a light perfume, an ideal manicure and aura of carelessness and lightness, typical rest days on the first day of rest. Meeting at dinner, talking about the walks, the general fun behind the countess of local wine and the tape plate. The first day plan is like this. But from the next morning, everything's changed dramatically...

треккинг в Италии 2016 треккинг в Италии 2016 треккинг в Италии 2016 треккинг в Италии 2016

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