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To the mountains with a stranger
Корпоративный поход компании

It's a good thing to swallow around the fire and realize that you've just been, not someone else's grieving the mountain, as hard as it's not in this snow winter. I went back to Magnitohorsk this evening.

The Internet will help!

It's all from the banal stripping of the tape in the social media. In dozens of reports and news, attention was drawn to the post of the Healthy Magnite Community. The activists suggested that on 23 February, there should be a celebratory excitement on the mountain near Lake Banny, and then a shuffle at her foot, the main condition is no alcohol. Price is only the cost of the road and the products. "Come to sit in the city!" I decided and, by contacting the organizers, I packed a backpack.

It's worth saying that my camping trip was prejudging a lot of mental methanes: I had the last trip to the forest as a tourist, and I couldn't remember the winter walk. Besides, I'm the only one who decided to go on camping because friends, as usual, were very busy. An unfamiliar company, a camping trip that had caused some difficulties, bothered me for days. But in the morning of 23 February, I'm on my way to complete my final preparations.

Go to snow tops

В горы с незнакомой компанией...The meeting was scheduled at the Quantum at 10:00. At the time of my appearance, there was a man of 15. By the time we were sent, there were more than 30 people.

I'm glad to meet you, and I'm pretty sure it's not a permanent, friendly company, where I'm the only guest person, and people who don't know each other well. And that's the condition of the organisers for comfortable clothes. And there's a pair of backpacks.

A few cars are coming very soon, one of which is being loaded with me and a few more single travellers. I've got Lösha, Tanya, Ol and Nastya in my car. First, it's not a big talk, and we're almost all quiet. When we get up to the veiled mountain (to speak, I'm a little bit stiff, it's a little far away from the top), girls are finally talking a little bit. I find that Nastya and Tanya often go on camping with different groups (it turns out that this is not the only tourist community to which we can just join), and Ola is mostly on weekends with these guys from the Golden Magnet. “I only in winter and go. There's no one left with two kids in the summer. I'm resting on a trip: you don't have to think about anything, you walk around the woods.

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