Mountain Equipment

How low-cost equipping
Если Вы предпочитаете отдыхать

" Chitaika " To assist a tourist "

If you've never been to camping before, then you probably don't have the equipment you need for. The purchase of a complete inventory of equipment at a specialized tourism equipment store will require considerable financial costs. The problem is particularly relevant for students, and the worker does not always have free financial resources to purchase all equipment immediately. Also, the question of the choice of equipment comes up if you live in Small townwhere there are no specialized stores. If you're planning to go on camping in the future, you'll certainly gradually gather everything you need. How do you get the equipment in your first trip with minimal costs? How do you save it when you buy equipment? In this article, we'll try to help with the choice of the necessary things from your wardrobe, and we'll tell you where we can get the missing.

Main ways to reduce the cost of equipment

  • To use more and less suitable clothing from the available wardrobe.
  • borrow from friends or rent.
  • Buy b/o in sécond-hend or market.
  • Buy merchandise (seasonal and other discounts in sports stores, turmoses, Internet stores, sewage, etc.). You can get very good things at an acceptable price.
  • Replace the name brand with a less expensive analogue.
  • Finding a tourist supply of domestic producers is quite good in quality and usually cost less than foreign brands.
  • To take out old clothes that won't be pathetic to burn on the cat as she came into trouble or tired of wearing it.

Basic principles for clothing

  • Don't take anything out of your mind, except for personal things, you'll carry a part of the public prophecy and equipment.
  • Instead of cotton, it's better to use wool or synthetic, cotton tissues are drying longer.
  • Read multifunctional things, the weight and volume of which are small.
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