Mounting Equipment

List of leather-swing items

The range of our camping trips is between 1,000 and 3000 m, so during this journey and sometimes one day, it is possible to enter different climatic zones and even times of the year. The summer on the Caucasus is warm enough, the rains go almost every day, but they're fast and they don't bring big cotton. In order to be comfortable with the Caucasus or similar altitudes, the following equipment must be fitted:

1. The sack is desirable to carry demiseone, with a temperature of comfort 0, such a bag is relevant if the night along the route is more than 2,000 m high.

2. The rug is made of polyurethane and obligated in any walk. Isolate the body from the cold base of the camp. An indispensable and binding thing for every tourist.

3. Ryukzak (70-100 litres) is the volume of the backpack is individual, depending on the number of days in which the person walks and the ability to properly pack the backpack. If you don't want to think about the package, take a bigger backpack. But the ability to put things right in the backpack must be developed;

4. The seat will make you comfortable on the biwaque, and most importantly, will rid you of the extremely unpleasant consequences of sitting on the cold ground. The refrigeration of small pelvis organs is problematic.

5. The tent is your house on the walk. For the Caucasus, a typical two-layer tent with a moisture of 3,000 mm water column and wind resistance will be suitable. If you don't have a tent, make sure you have a room for you.

6. Tracking sticks - help in walking, disarming joints, improving blood circulation and often salvage.

In addition to the equipment listed, there is a need to have a complete set of clothing that protects you from the environment and does not obligate overweight. All things must be multifunctional and technological. So, a list of clothing for the Kakazu and the mountains at altitudes of 1,000 to 3000 metres:

1. Boots are desirable to have quality leather cut-off track shoes. There's a lot of boreholes and rocks in the Caucasus, you don't have to slip on them. Please take your shoes seriously.

2. Sandalia, after a day's transition, should take off the boots to rest the legs. So you'll be able to obstruct the formation of the mosles. Don't forget to take this easy vacation shoes in the camp.

3. The pants need to have strong pants for daily socks. Vetro-protective, fast-growing and lungs. It's very good to have a lower cut in these pants and they turn into shorts.

Gins are absolutely not right! Hard, long dry.

4. Football, take two to three T-shirts that are good for moisture and fast asleep. You shouldn't be afraid of synthetics.

5. - indispensable for sleep and cold weather. Removes the moisture and helps to warm up with active traffic.

6. Flying coffet - polartec is one of the best modern materials that won't let you get away with anything. It's too easy to squeeze and dry. Sherstian sweater doesn't fit!

7. Box - A membrane protecting from precipitation and wind, while breathing. If you have a jacket like that, you may not take the rain.

8. The socks are the number of couples depending on the length of the walk. If the finances permit, take the special track socks, they prevent the emergence of mosles of water on their feet.

9. The hat will be warm at night or in the weather.

10. Head cleaning protecting the sun.

1. A gas flashlight with a good battery

2. Solar protection glasses with ultraviolet protection

3. High-protection sun cream (spf 30 minimum). I wish to use it, even if the sun shines through the clouds.

4. Personal kit

5. Flap, mug, bear, knife (light)

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