Mounting September

Sharing in the wings in September of the Marvels of Crimea Mountains and Sea
закат костер на привале
Five days. Gora Arman-Kaya, spirits of the Cave of Taursk; transition to Alimov Balku

Early sunset, right after the traditional yoga, laundry and breakfast, we're leaving Cheltir Coba's shadow, and we're making another shift. Our goal today is the famous Cavere of Taursk, another place of power. Rainone of his ancient miracles. ♪

The path we have to be close enough, the path of comfort, around the fairy beauty of spring Crime. What else does a man need for happiness? Unless it's a consortium company and a comrade's shoulder nearby. But that's all right!

When we arrive, we'll find one funny detail: the entrance to the cave is quite high from the ground in the back of the rock. Yeah, it's only possible to get on top of it, coming down on a rope in a special alpine machine with a so-called dolfer. We're all going to have to learn this technique. Dulfer is perfectly safe, but it always gives the newcomers a lot of positive emotions. This technology enables everyone to defeat their own fears, to increase their awareness of new experiences and to significantly increase self-esteem, once again showing themselves: " Yes, I am Mogo! "

The Cave of Tavrsky, with deep ancient history, served as the inhabitants of the mysterious people of the tarov the place of their worship and rituals. Come on, in the smooth labyrinths of the cave, many generations of shamans have gone like a dolman to end their lives here. Here, like any dolman, their souls are still present, waiting for the revival of this disappeared people, keeping the scrupulous wisdom of the ancients... Sometimes they also communicate with satellites that have fallen into the cave, sometimes guide them to the path, open a vision, indicate direction of further movement or prevent errors. Even in the author ' s memory, there have been cases. In any case, this place should be treated with due respect and with some caution. This is the real place of the Force. To feel it, you don't have to be an advanced expert, it feels like everyone. And forever remembers the Cave of Tavre. ♪ ♪

As we look at the cave, we will soon be on the top of a small nearby mountain of Arman-Kay, where we will make a small landing and eat on the living forest floor; and, after a short rest, we will continue our journey to the next park, next to our Chudu, to bury Alimov Balka. Through the majesty valley that has grown a century forest, we're going up on a wide dress with green fields and a great family in the middle of nowhere. This is where we will set up our camp.

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