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  1. Mining tourism and rocking news: expeditions, essays, technical reports, photographs of travellers. Information on equipment, mountain medical care, etc.

    TIC: 3,000

  2. Rock climbing, alping, mining: articles, news, regions and slopes, etc. Information on the drafts of the magazine that are outstanding. Forum.

    TIC: 2800

  3. News of rocking. Information on the scallodrome in Baumanca: hours of work, school of rock climbing, ICG team. Talks, stories, pictures. Scalo Forum.

    TIC: 1,800


    News of alpineism. Information from the SPL committee. Calendari, the results and protocols of the competition. Articles, expedition journals, stories and thinking of alpinists, descriptions of routes, etc.

    TIC: 1,400


    Archives of books and articles on alpingism, classification and description of routes, equipment review, selection boards, etc. Photo reports. Video. User comments.

    TIC: 1,300

  6. Club news. Eye reports. Compilation of books and articles on alpineism in Russia. St Petersburg's great alpings.

    TIC: 1,300

  7. Preparation and conduct of mountains. Information on tourism schools: schedule, instructors, etc. Records, calendar of planned visits. Articles, lectures. The transshipment catalogue. Forum.

    TIC: 1100

  8. Information on FEB: statute, manual, official documents, competition rules, etc. Ratings of Russia's strongest rocks. The calendar of events and the results of the competition. Forum.

    TIC: 1100

  9. Articles on achievements in alpineism, the review of world rocks, the Catherine alpings and rocks. Records, interviews, photo gallery. Review of stores and magazines. Archives and references.

    TIC: 950

  10. Federation structure, statutes, etc. Information on commissions and units. Information on alpineism in Russia: articles, documents, news, regulations, etc.
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