гор и песня души! Поход с

The rockets went to Space,
To disturbing minds.
And you wear cedes,
You're walking on the tall trails.

In winter, spring, under threat
You live on a forest grammar.
And sleeping under the stars.
Not knowing Galaxy.

Yes! These guys,
No bragging and a farce,
In solid tissue jackets
They'll go on Mars' roads.

It rains them and rains,
Smells in the swamp.
But they're always there.
Sun smile.

Solar and radiant
To be with you,
Even when it's not clean
The sky is above the head.


In the blue spring
The cartels are north.
Underneath the shores
Two tents, silver.

Blowing the shirt.
And scrambled the wrinkles.
Safe as kids,
We laughed for no reason.

The river in the galke was congenital,
I got my teeth.
Told you how much power,
I refreshed our lips,

The emeralds,
Washing our faces.
And I slapped my ass.
Red dam.

She's tired of her record,
The river's gone to her.
Spiral, spiral
The fish brought the current.

I ran through the wind,
Gathering lies into the wrinkles.
He told people,
You laugh for no reason.”

You're poisoned.
Don't make your cool.
To the shores of their high. "

In purple clothing
There's a couple of cartels.
Under the berena, like before.
Two silver tents.

Where there's a new lock
The river's been flooding,
I remember who I was friends with:
Who is Juda here?

Pick us up, day, quick.
Give us some ways,
Let us see the world fast,
Large lungs!

Wake us up with the light,
Let's get some water,
The white snow will serve us in the summer,
And the winter is the tan on the face!

The night is cloudy. There's a mask in the mix.
Silly needles pine.
Nothing strange, nothing vague,
If it's a cold night not to sleep.

Somewhere over the lakes of the throne,
Quiet and loud songs till morning.

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