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Below City Mountain Club
горный туризм в россии реферат

The Below Mountain Tourist Club started in the 1970s in Chelabinsk, as a Spartacus tourist club. There are still Spartacus tourists in Chelabinsk, and one of the clubs of young tourists established by them in the mid-1980s has been and is now working successfully. It's a well-known club (in the narrow circles of Taganai youth tourist club Cosmos, who recently celebrated his 25-year-old

The tradition and the philosophical philosophy of the Dr. Spartacus Tourist Club were the foundation on which the Below Mountain Club was established. In the future, we have met the traditions and philosophy of the mountain clubs of England, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, the United States, and now our club is trying to gradually become the oldest mountain clubs of Europe and America.

If the first years of the club, its founders were veterans of tourism from Lower and Dzerzinsk, it is now mainly young people who have become tourists At our club.

Club public organizations

First time, our club was officially called the Below City Mountain and Travel Club. In 2010, members of the club officially registered another public tourist organization, the Niger City Mountain Club, an informal club called that club for the last five years.

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