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Секция горного туризма
Running training situation:
In the first few kilometers, the people are stretching. Head of the second group, up to the first 100 meters. In the forest around the church, the first group turns sharply and runs along the road to the lake. I don't see it and run straight. I have a bright lantern, so I'm being followed by another 5 or more.
I don't know the route guys. In 300, we'll find out from the other that they didn't see the first group. Intuitively, I suspect that the main route passes through the botsad, turns and, as a result, runs to the lake on the second road (leaf from the lake). I'm meeting the first group running around.

It's a bad situation - in the woods dark, most guys without lamps, and they don't know the terrain, and it's very easy to lose under these circumstances. To avoid such situations, I suggest:

(a) Set the routes. One's already out, but there's one more, the first group from the lake turned left. It would be good to identify key places on it, such as sports staff, the institute of geology, the Ule of teresh, the church, lake, botsad, the ol. gold-dolin, the Ul, pearl, sports. At least the lost people on the phone can be guided.
(b) Before the start, it's something to identify people who know the route. It is desirable that these people be led and in the middle and at the end of the colony.

Cases in which people in the mountains are beaten and lost occur regularly, especially with newcomers. Let's organize everything so that we don't have that kind of thing.

P.S. I also strongly recommend that all trainees take flashlights, darkness in the forest (and darker) and many roots, yums and pieces. Running without a flashlight under such conditions can cause injury.

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