What's Needed To Go To The Mountains

What do you want to do.
Важными характеристиками
Рюкзак для похода


The main purpose of the carimate is the thermal insulation of the body and the cold from the ground. Besides, they're light, plastic and they'll protect you not only from the cold, but from humidity, which makes the carimate just not a substitute thing.

At this point, the best price/quality of the Jeeves are two-coloured.

A seat.

A bunch of carimate to which the attached rubber is attached. It's with her seat to be attached to your poetry. You can cook yourself, and you can buy it at the store, it's not expensive.


The rainbow can be cooked or bought in a bazaar. I'll tell you, it's not worth buying on the bazaar, even though they're cheap, but the quality's fine and it'll be very fast. You can buy in specialized tourism stores an unprotected discount, but it's expensive but reliable, and protects not only you, but also your backpack. If you do it on your own, it's from a tight polyethylene, it's a long way to serve you faith and truth.


We need two pairs of shoes to go on.

Core shoes should be a couple of tourist boots or tuking shoes. The first ones are lighter and faster, but the second ones guard their legs from the fist and more reliable on the hard surfaces.

Spare couples can be normal sneakers or ceds, they're needed for small radial exits, and when the main ones are completely covered.


Nos. Take a walk. About five. It would be desirable to have special thermonos, but you could use the usual.

We need to get a separate pair of warm sleep socks.

Sports pants.

The pants can be both ordinary sports and tourists. The main thing is, they're light, they're dry, or they're not wet at all. Gincy and the same pants aren't desirable.


T-shirt is just what you need for a summer walk. T-shirts like this are cooling, drinking the moist from the body, and you're not gonna be so hot. The football needs about three grand. You can also take synthetic or thermophotballs. Thermophotballs will keep your skin dry and provide a masimly possible thermal insulation.


In summer shorts, you'll have an indispensable thing! I prefer to take light shorts that don't actually feel on the body during the walk.


Apart from the usual T-shirts on the walk, you have to take a golf or a shirt with long sleeves, they'll protect you from sunlight and wind.

Polar/flice/ sweater.

Even in summer trips to the Crimea at nights, it's quite cool. In this case, you must have a floor or a flick, you can buy it from every tourist store. The important characteristic of the flick is that it takes the flag while keeping the heat in the middle.

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