Legs After Going To The Mountains

What do you do if your legs go?
Усталость ног после физической

Девушку беспокоит отек на ногеThe rest of your legs are ugly and unpleasant. In addition, in most cases, the emergence of spiders indicates that pathological changes exist in the system, although a perfectly healthy person is not immune from such a problem. Both men and women face the legs, and for many future moms, spray legs become a complete torture that disappears only after birth.

Why are the leaks formed?

The leak is in its essence a liquid that has accumulated where it should not be. Why is that happening? Normally, the smallest capillaries collect all the waste fluid from the inter-cell space and transport it further through the venous handle. The ability of capillars to perform their function is influenced by the peripheral penetration, blood pressure in peripheral receptacles, protein blood and sodium. If there's something in this set-up mechanism that's coming down, the fluid's standing up and the flow is formed.

Reasons feet

Legs can come from healthy people and have a purely physiological explanation:

  1. After the abuse of salt food and the drinking of a large quantity of fluid.
  2. In hot conditions where various overheating protection mechanisms are activated. One of them is the expansion of peripheral receptacles, which reduces pressure and disrupts micro-circulation processes. This leads to the accumulation of water in tissues.
  3. In the second half of the pregnancy, since the hormones of the plates contribute to the expansion of the receptacles and the delay of sodium in the system.
  4. After a long stay in the position of standing, seating in an uncomfortable position or one-sided. This increases the pressure of veins and prevents them from fully performing their functions.
  5. When wearing uncomfortable shoes and loving high heels, when there is a heavy load on the lower limbs that results in a disturbance of normal microcirculation in tissues.

Legs can be a sign of many diseases and pathological conditions:

  1. The vein and the trombosis.
  2. Heart disease accompanied by heart failure.
  3. A sick kidney.
  4. It's a limpha stale.
  5. Thyroid diseases.
  6. Sugar diabetes.
  7. Cirrosis of the liver.
  8. Gestosis is a serious complications of pregnancy.

Lower limb symptoms

The first signs of a stack of liquid in the legs are small traces of socks on the hollows, a uncomfortable feeling when walking in a habitual and previously convenient shoes. Later, the flow becomes visible in the shape of the lower limbs.

The physiological footings appear by the end of the day, as well as after the above-mentioned food irregularities or high heat. The eternity does not extend above the lower leg. Long-term rest in a horizontal position is generally a relief.

Pathological foot leaks occur at any time of the day, and it is not always possible to remove it by normal non-medical methods.

Each disease is characterized by its specific characteristics:

  • In the varicosis, the feet can be non-symmetrical. Their appearance is accompanied by disease and gravity in the limbs.
  • The tromboflebite contains only a striking leg, with pain and burning of the inflammable vein and skin colouring.
  • Both legs are leaking in heart failure, when we push the glass head, there are holes that slowly disappear.
  • The renal beds first appear in front of the eyes, later when the disease progresses, leaks and legs, with the limb skin becoming very pale.
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