Burgers Of Mountains

Choice of footwear

Трекинговые ботинки La Sportiva Tibet Gore-Tex" Chitaika " To assist traveller , " On footwear

Going to the mountains, it's very important to rightly choose the right foot, convenient, with a stack, unsliding sole, preferably a fixing holostop, which will protect the legs from the fist and stretch. Depends on that, you'll be in love with mountain landscapes or thinking about lost, damaged legs. If Ryma often has normal sneakers in a pair of track sandals, then for Carpathians (Kawkaz), due to frequent rains, wet snow and high humidity, the footwear must still have water-resistant properties. If you choose to engage in tourism in depth and don't want to waste time, it's better, as many tourists do, to buy in the tourist boots store with the pole Vibram (long, good adhesion with the surface) and the membrane pillow (driving out of the inside of the boot, keeps the moist from the outside. Plus, they buy special tourist socks, thermonos, taking the poet from the foot to the membrane. You'll get a comfortable, amortizing shoes protecting the legs from the fist, specially created for active rest. I mean, it's true that if the membrane boots go off with membrane over time, they're gonna be soaked (there's not rubber boots) or the water goes in through the top of the boot, it's not gonna be possible to dry the boots out of the hike. Cutting membrane boots (and any shoe at all) at the fire, you can't-- spoil the expensive thing. Membrane in low-cost models may not be very good to breathe.

But if financial opportunities prevent you from disbursing $150 and more dollars for the purchase of tukin shoes, or you don't really need them, because you often don't plan to go on camping, the article below on how to pick low-cost and walking shoes might help you.

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