False Mountain

Summer shifts
Поход на Лысую гору в

7-16 July

Guys will try to be actors and operators, writers, reporters and heroes of news stories. The younger shift unit will be involved in the filming of game skates (short film series). The senior unit is a TV unit that will be involved in the production of a child television program. In the film industry's finals, they'll be presenting their cinema and telework to the audience. Upper training will be provided by specialists from the Conno-Sport Club. Qualified coach will conduct individual classes for children: theory and practice;

19-28 July

Wakebarding is an extreme sport that combines the elements of the water skill, acrobatic and jump. Represents a combination of water skis, snowboard, skate and surfing. One of the developing sports and recreational activities.

There are two disciplines in the Waikbordinga: the windbard kater and the windbard electrotech. In the waterboard, the athlete is following the boat, holding the bean, and performing a variety of tricks with a runway and tramplin.

31 July-9 August

Special programme for the study of the associated Waikbordingu disciplines: professional Batut, alping practices of 6 metres of scallodrome, walk to the Royal Rocks (Turgoya) and O. Svo. Faith, swimming on the Ai River, cycling.

15-24 August

Module programme: Lasse Mountain (O. Turgoyak), individual Veikbordinga classes, pitbai cats, upper-road training, rotary extrem-park drive, cooking workshops for children from the restaurant chef, alpine practice for children at 6-metre, scoring

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