Bear To The Mountain

Goru bear, goruzaf panoramas and artefaka
Поход на Аю-Даг или Медведь

Our hotel has been successful in the classification of category assignments.
Three stars!


To your services, a cozy hotel in a quiet park zone in the middle of Yalta, 5km from the coast. New modern comfort numbers, welcoming, professional staff worthy of the Swedish table. Proceed to the smallest and well-balanced tourion, active, curative and relax of rest - for the selection of 7 (Seven) events every day. Operation of buses and minibuses in all directions. Happy and romantic evening programmes at dinner, universal sports. New open pool - round water temperature 27*C, aquaaerobic, water polo, diving course and other water games. Daily sports tournaments on football, volleyball, basketball, pyonerball, table tennis, chess and hats. For our little guests, the best animation program is mobile and logical games, acting skills, master class!

Starting from the station, we'll have you on a pen for all the sights of the Crimea, guard against any trouble, guarantee a better round-trip, "Everything," and who doesn't like, "Good day."

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