Lazarev Mountains

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Лазаревское. Часть 3

Прямо напротив нашего лагеря, на противоположной стороне реки, скала, опускающаяся в реку, украшена почти метровыми сосульками и толстыми наледями. И тут то мы понимаем, что ночи здесь будут не тёплые.

Mountains: Sochi - Lazarevsky - aul Nagigo - the valley of the Makopse River - Pseushho (Peus) - Kumischtepse waterfall.

In the Olympic Sochi, they've forgotten the existence of tourists, all the mountains have been blocked, and even the low forest ridges are constantly patrolling FSB and OMON. But the true beauty censors won't stop! There are beautiful and painting places not only in the Red Polan area, but also in a significant distance from it.

Поход в горы Сочи на ПсеушхоSo, this time, we're going to a little, but very interesting, because of our location, mountain. Big Pseushho. Because of the very simple route, we decided that it would make no sense to go to the parking lot. Although it must be remembered that the mountains are deceptive and, even to such a plain sight of the mountain, there are a lot of schapsug-Adygic fibers, but not all lead to the top, and some are moving to the next valley. ♪ ♪
We've got a big team and people coming from different towns, so the place was chosen. Lazarevsky, where our path lies in the aul of Nagigo.

After we set up the camp and gather the woods, we're trying to unburden the bones, but our attempts have not succeeded, the woods are very raw, and we also notice that the water in the boilers that we've had for dinner is already covered by ice crust! And the sun hasn't even sat down, what happens at night... The woods that lie in a pile of hours are covered by ice and frozen almost to the heart, and there is no hope for a normal dinner.
We've barely got a sausage on the skin, we've got water-to-weather kits, we've never managed to get water to boil.

Day two.
Raise early at 6:00, not sleep in the mountains! The coldest watch is before dawn, and how well did we feel it... because by morning, the temperature fell to -12 -14 C0! The bottle of water lying inside the tent was frozen, the corners of the tent were covered with ice crust, the chocolate had lost its taste, but the saddest part caught vegetables: tomatoes, potassium cucumbers, and greens could be broken by separate branches.

And that's all we're watching inside the tent, what's on the street? ♪ ♪

Breakfast, of course, inside the tent, on the gas burners. It's outside.
Some members of the team have a shock from this temperature on the street.
By breakfast, we'll collect the radial backpacks, and we'll go up with the first lights of the sun.

The path to the top lies on the southern belt of the mountain, which is dried up to 600, not from the lungs, but the view above is worth ten times of effort spent on this rise!

Поход в горы Сочи на Псеушхо С заходом солнца становиться совсем холодно, а вдобавок к морозу поднимается ветер. Находиться на улице уже просто не представляется возможным. Поход в горы Сочи на Псеушхо Расходимся по палаткам и готовим чай самостоятельно – на газовых горелках, каждые в своём жилище, а ночью, чтобы не замёрзнуть, надеваем на себя все тёплые вещи, жмёмся друг к другу.

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