Winter Mining

Marmaros winter
В лучах луны выходишь в горы

вид с горы Шербан1. Day, c, business, p. White flow, ur. Lower

The group meets at the station in Ivano Francesca. On the bus, we're going to Zakarpatier, to the Delaware village. Our route passes through the State border, so we can issue a permit to stay in the border area. Having completed the organizational arrangements, we are ready to travel to the winter to Pap-Ivan. Let's go upstream of the White Stream before the fall of the Bones. We'll sleep in the forester's house.

Kilometraz: 9 km; set of height 550 m; night at 900 m.

2. Day, floor. Fox is half. Kwasnaya - Berlebashka (1733 m)

МармарошLet's take a bouque forest, get up. Now we're surrounded by a darker steam forest. When we go to the valley (this is called the unforested section of the upper belt of the Ukrainian Carpathians, used as a pasture and for senocos) Lassach, enjoys a fascinating view of the Marmaros Ridge. Let's continue and reach the Kwasnah. Here we find the bulb, leave things, and lightly climb on the mountain of Berlebach, a concussive form, with steep slopes, especially southwards. From this point of view, we can enjoy the Panorama of the mountains of Pop-Ivan Blackhorski (Ukraine), Ferkeu (Romania) and the massive Black Sea Rid. The sunshine peaks and slopes, the scrupulous gestures enchant their hard beauty. Let's go back to the cabin and rest, and we'll get our strength.

Колыба на полонине Лысича Kilometraz: 10 km; 830 m set; night at 1450 m.

3. Day. Radiation at Pop Ivan Marmarosski (1937 m)

We're going up the north slope on Pop-Ivan Mount. From his top, we'll be able to discover a scientist of Romanian Carpathians, including Rodnu (Rodnian Alps). We'll see the highest point of Eastern Carpathy, Mount Petrosul (2303 m). We're going back to the Kwasna Valley.

путь на Поп-Иван Мармарошский Kilometraz: 8 km; 500 m set; night at 1450 m.

4. Petros Day (1780 m) - c. Kostivka

We're up this morning. Petros (Petrosul) Marmarosski, Ukrainian Carpathians, in the Gutzul Alps (Rahov Mountains). The clones are very cool with rocky cliffs. We're looking at the Gorgan Mountain Ridge System and the Svidovac mountain range, prolonging a huge arc from the south-east to the north-west. Let's go back to the Berlebash's valley, down to the forest road to the back. We're packing up our bus waiting and going to Ivano-Frankovsk, which will be arriving at around 5:00. That's where Marmaros ends. Saving memories of him.

Мармарош. Поп-Иван. Карпаты Гора Шербан Полонина Лисыча Панорама Петросул

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