Ведь при походах в горы

Подготовка к походу в горыThe mountain approach is a serious and responsible step. By leaving their pink glasses on the shelf, the planning of the event should be carefully approached. It's natural that you can't predict all the difficulties... The beauty of nature is fascinating, which is why most tourists love to spend time in the woods or mountains, looking at the miracles of our planet. The experienced tourists know there's a lot of trouble in the camp. ♪ When going to mountains or forests, there is a need for quality and complete nutrition to enable the organism to provide sufficient energy to overcome difficult routes. Of course, shops, cafes and restaurants... the night machine is chosen in areas with minimal natural hazards: far away from the marrowers, the blog, the possibilities of the stone, the rise of water levels, etc. The total area is then estimated ... In planning to travel to the forest, it must be borne in mind that even the most experienced traveller may be lost or lost, which means the first time in the forest. It is therefore very important to know the basis of orientation...

Снаряжение для похода Питание в походе

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