зеленеющие склоны гор и

Готовимся к лету: собираемся в поход в горы!Without exception, people who go to Crimea are equal in one, all cross the Percope - Or Qapı - the Crimean Tatar Toponym of the city, which is in a thin truce linking the Crimean peninsula to the mainland of Ukraine.

Of course tourists are different. There are ordinary people, i.e. people who prefer the most comfortable rest: to settle in the living room, and to lay quietly on the beach. And there are tourists of extremes who don't mind smashing their legs and carrying a few dozen kilometers of backpacks worth 20 kilos.

If you've seen some interesting pictures of Crimean rocks, mouses, tops, and you've got a heart out of your desire to get there, it doesn't mean you're ready for the mountains. It's very tedious, and it's even dangerous, so you should think carefully before you make a decision.

It won't be easy, but if you still decide, you'll never regret it! You can go to the mountains, you can go with a group of familiars, in which case the traveller and the conductor will not have to pay. But in order to get out of the mountains like this, you need to have friends who know the mountains, have the equipment, be prepared for no one to regret you.

The third, best way for people of inexperienced, unfriended mountain tourists is to go to a camp organized by a club or a tourist operator.

The tourist operator, by organizing the walk, prepares the route, equipment and meals for each of the trainees and also provides a group of one or more experienced conductors.

The only man needs a comfortable and strong shoe, which is critical to the mountains.

At the cost of a tour operator, the prices are very different. Mountains For three to four days, one person may be between 50 and 150 euros, and this difference is not always due to the quality of services. It is worth noting that the cost of services does not include the Simferopol road, from which all walks on Crimea are organized.

The most important thing about walking for a few days is a backpack, and more precisely what's in it. First of all, it's food. They should be sufficient for the whole time, so there is a clear, pre-coordinated plan, developed, given the number of participants and the necessary calorie, it is desirable, of course, that nutrition be diverse. At the same time, everything should be as light as possible and distributed among all the participants.

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