Hill Boxes

Mountain behaviour
BERGANS Kalhovd Pants

General councils
1. Keep an eye on cattle and plague. It's better to dig the place of the fire so the sparks don't burn the dry grass around. After the parking lot, you'll always pour the water. Sometimes in popular tourist destinations, there are places where the caterer has been divorced. It's better to find this place. Especially because it's usually the best parking space, why invent the bike.
2. Don't cut the living trees. Usually there are dry branches everywhere.
3. If you've got some unnecessary polyethylene and paper left after the parking lot, burn them carefully.
4. If you've got any unnecessary hard cans left after you've eaten, burn them in the fire to black, spit them with a rock or axe, then bury them.
5. Don't leave the trash behind. There's usually no one to clean the woods. The mountains of garbage leave a nasty sludge. I want to find an intact corner of nature.
6. There's no need to destroy the places you built to drink water and recreation.
7. Don't contaminate your relatives, pens, minerals. You're drinking.
8. Don't vomit the flowers and berries, don't break the tree branches.
9. Don't scare wild animals as well as cows, sheep, goats, etc.
10. If you have difficulties with the road, ask the local population for a road. They usually measure time in the way. The time you have to multiply for two is and it's gonna be a real time on your way to the point.
11. If you're going to a small village, get dressed more modestly, you don't have to shock the local population.

To the mountains.
If you're here, mountains Even one day, it's best to take some extra dry stuff. It's about any weather, because the weather in the mountains is very variable. This is particularly the case for mountains above 1,600 metres.
If there's sun and heat down there, there may be fog or rain on the top. And if there's still a strong wind, it's double worse. Don't forget, with an increase of 100 metres, the temperature falls on average by 1 degree. The shoes are boots on the fat sole, preferably unprotected. We can have shoes. Cedes and sneakers don't recommend it's not very convenient. If it rained, wet grass, the trousers will be on our knees. For a one-day walk, it's enough to take some food with you, a plastic bottle for water, an unpacked jacket or a rainbow, head cleaning. And if for a few days, you won't get over it. An approximate set of things is spare trousers, a shirt, a non-waste jacket, a sweater, a head cleaner, a spare shoe. Of course, tent, bedroom, kitty, food for a few days. Card, preferably half-kilomert and compass. And don't forget it's easy to carry a giant backpack with only the first two kilometers (if not trained). And in the mountains, he's gonna want to throw him away and go without him. Therefore, plan the routes on the basis of all the above conditions - weather, number of things, type of terrain. And in the fog, it's 10 meters. You can get lost. So we have to go after each other without losing sight of the others.

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