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On our Internet, a child shoe store, you'll be able to pick up a child sports shoes for tourism and recreation. A sizeable number of bypassing child shoes allows shoes to be used for children from 20 sizes to 27 sizes inclusive. For the comfort of a young traveler, teenage shoes for children are on the cord and on the cap. The low-cost child shoes on a 25 to 32 cap are easy for babies, and child sneakers on a stitch from 33 to 38 are suitable for more independent travelers. For any weather, you can buy a child's shoes in Decadlon, be it a light ashesive tourism or a difficult track. During the summer, children ' s sandals and children ' s beans will be a pleasure in their ease and practicality. Spring and fall, for short-lived walks, You can buy children's semibodies who have breathing properties and don't wet. At a cold time of the year, we'll need warm childhood boots and high comforted child shoes. During this season, we prepared a special proposal: light boots with good freeze to -15 degrees. There's a cord and a locker on the top, as well as a special retro-reflector, as well as a removable boot from the natural wool. Children ' s boots are made of unprotected and water-reactive material. We're going to visit the section of the children's backpacks, where you can also pick up the baby's first tourism backpack. [Children] Travel shoes]

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