How to choose points to go to the mountains
конструкции походных очков

oчки для походаSolar-protection glasses are not much needed in all walks. But in many cases, moving sunday in comfortable glasses is much more comfortable than without them. In doing so, many starters have heard true and not very stories about the terrible consequences for those who end up without points in the mountains. The truth is that

- glasses to everything perform the same function of mechanical eye protection against dust, camushion, insects, small particles;
The intensity of solar radiation, including particularly harmful ultraviolet to humans, increases with height;
- some surfaces reflect much more ultraviolet than others.
Especially the ultraviolet of snow, ice (up to 80 per cent), light sand (up to 35 per cent), water (20 per cent). But the simple ground (ground) may reflect up to 15 per cent of solar radiation. Findings: in high-rise (over 3,000m), protective glasses are needed even if there is no continuous snow ice cover. With a continuous snow- ice cover, protective glasses are needed in any case. They are also necessary in desert, step, flat and waterways and expeditions.

What's ultraviolet? It's part of the radiation spectrum of our Light with a long wave of 180 to 380 nm. International UV designation.ochky5 There are three types of ultraviolet: UVA 315-380mm, UVB 280-315 and, most dangerous for living organisms, UVC 180-280mm. What's his danger? In large doses, ultraviolet not only contributes to tanning but also destroys living organisms. The effects of excess exposure on human beings are sunburn, grid failures, partial loss of sight (alpinists and polarists are notoriously known as snow blindness).

Saving your eyes is possible only by the use of a qualitative optic that fully protects against ultraviolet and excess light load. Don't confuse these things between you! Many believe that the darker the glasses, the better they protect against UV radiation. That's a gross mistake! The ultraviolet can fully protect the bright glasses of the glasses of glasses, while very dark glasses of the ununderstood producer can leave you with the illusion of the defense and cause great harm. A man's natural reaction to the bright sun is a burning eye that reduces exposure. If you're wearing dark glasses without protection, you're gonna get a lot faster with ultraviolet.

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