Pedestrian Hills In The Army

armoured and hills
пеших и горных походов по

Active rest in Armeniaso demanded from the Europeans, it's starting to turn up among the Russians. Armenia is a mountain country with lazy roads, vast forests and labyrinth valleys, against the backdrop of beautiful and diverse nature. In a word, it's a paradise for all active recreational fans, hikings, adventures on a virgin's horse. With us, you can take part in one day's rises on one of the country's heights, including mountains. Aragac, Ajaak and even a mountain Arata♪ However, it is possible to combine this in a swamp week tour, to set up a jipping (passenger riding) that will be less tiring or less tiring. Organize a walk in vice valleys and forests, to penetrate the unbelievable mystic of Armenian nature and to visit local sights and trees lost in the mountains.

Recreation to the highest peak of Armenia

Kobayr - Oromair - Odzun

A whole day of harmony with nature.

The hidden treasures of the Armenian nature

Yerevan - Gegard - Lake Wishapa - Ajaak

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