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Mun-pop-ner vents
Пешие туры в республику Коми

As soon as they don't call it the beautiful and mysterious place of North Ural: Man-Pupu-Ner, Man-Pupag-Ner, Bolwano-Iz, Monsian morons... The tourists usually call them short, Pupa.

In translation from Mansi, Manipoo-Ner means the Great Mountain of Idolas.

Seven of these rebels. Six poles were built on a flat plateau in a row and one was just out. Their height is between 30 and 42 metres. They all have imaginary shapes.

For mansy, this place has long been considered saint, forbid to come here.

In one legend, stone poles were ancient in the seven magnanims who went through the mountains to destroy the Vogulian people. But by climbing on the platoon, their chief shaman saw the sacred vogue mountain of Yalping-ner. He was terrified to throw his drum at the top (it is now called Kope-Barban) and all seven giants were horrific. They've been standing on that mountain plateau ever since.

Being here is really hard to believe that these mysterious pillars were only formed because of the destruction of the mountains. But it is. Stocks have been formed for many millions of years as a result of the eruption of the Ural Mountains. The surroundings of their weak species have devastated, and these, the harder species have survived and created this miracle of nature.

The Mun-Pupu-Ner platoons in 2008 were recognized as one of the seven miracles of Russia. More than one and a half million votes were gathered in the voting for them!

The place ' s virgin beauty was preserved by its remoteness and difficult access. There are no human settlements in a hundred kilometres. For this reason, random people who tend to vandalism are not getting here fortunately.

Manu-Pupu-Ner for unprepared people is available only when a helicopter drops and throws. Only experienced, well-trained tourists are available in the event of a footing. The snow route usually takes about two weeks.

The weather in these northern mountains is very cold and unpredictable. Fogs where it's hard to see the bleaching poles and get lost easily.

Flowing tables are located in the territory of the Pechoro-Ilach Reserve and to visit them, in order to avoid problems, permission must be obtained from its administration.

To that end, we need to write a statement to the director of the Reserve. The statement should indicate the expected travel time, the group ' s list of participants, passport data and contact details. In the Reserve, they'll pass through the environmental collection.

Conservant management coordination
Address: 169436, Republic of Komi, Troicco-Pechoro district, Pos. Yaksha, Lanina d. 8

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