Pedestrian Tours

20 free entertainments in the cities of the europe!

20 free entertainments in European cities! Keep your mark!

You don't have to steal money when you're on vacation in Europe! Remember, the best thing in life is free. What is this about the city holidays in Old Light?

1. Velocipists, Copenhagen
How do you save lunch at the world's best restaurant Noma? Don't go to Copenhagen on a taxi. Instead, use the free and convenient cycling scheme in this city.

2. Chocolate, Zurich
What's better than free chocolate? Unless free beer... If you like sweets, go straight to the Lindt chocolate factory Sprungli in Zurich. The entrance to the chocolate museum is also free.

3. Comedy, Edinburgh
If you're going to watch a few plays during the August Edinburgh festival, the price may be pretty tight. But you can't pay her if you go to the free Festival of Comedy. All you have to do is leave a few coins in the donation box outside. Any joke's gonna be funnier if you don't have to pay for it.

4. Discrypted code da Vinci, Paris
The visit to Louvre, the world's greatest painting gallery, is free on the first Sunday of the month (also on 14 July and at any time, if you're under 18 years of age or art teaching). Usually, to look at Mona Lisa or to solve the code da Vinci, you have to pay 15 euros.

5. Shoping, Istanbul
Yeah, don't spend the money walking on Grand Bazarus, it's a problem, but it's possible. Enjoy the atmosphere and the interactivity without which the Turkish sellers will not be contacted.

6. Concerts, Amsterdam
Join the advanced locals who come to free day concerts on Wednesdays in Concertgebouw, a place where one of the world ' s most respected orchestras rehearsal. It's a big one, but you won't regret staying in it.

7. Dinosaurs, London
London is proud of the world's best museums, and some of them are free. For example, the Museum of Natural History, which has a lot of fun and exciting collections.

8. Pedestrian tours, Berlin
If you've already gone through such religious sites as the Charly and Reichstag CAT, it's time to see the less educated side of Berlin. Alternative tours on Berlin (Alternative Berlin Tours) twice a day provide an opportunity to join the fascinating hipster creativity.

9. Gowdy, Barcelona
One of the main features of Barcelona is the fantastic architecture of Gaudi. Outside, these monuments, including the famous Sagrad-Familia or Kaza-Mila, can be examined entirely free of charge. You can even sit on the famous bench in Guel Park for free.

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