Carpathians Organized Mountains

Pedestrian hills
Майские праздники в Карпатах

Поход в Карпаты «По Черногорскому хребту: Говерла, Петрос, Поп-Иван»18 September- 23 September

You'll be remembered by the most high-profile Carpathians of the Ridge, the most delicious spring. ♪ ♪

Поход по Турции «Восточная Ликия»21 September-28 September

It's only eight days and all that interesting, two canyon, peak of Olympus, two preserves. ♪

Поход по Турции «Ликийская тропа: огни Химеры и Царские бухты»21 September - 2 October

Amazing country: very warm, full of exotic plants, incredible landscapes and many review sites. ♪ ♪

1 October-1 October

Gower's trip in one day, anytime in a year. Professional Gides who live practically on Goverl, we're taking a trip to Gower. ♪

Поход Говерла «Однодневное восхождение на Говерлу»1 October-7 October

Where else do you want to go?
Are you interested in history, traditional food or beautiful landscapes? You want to see an old architecture or an infinite mountain range on sunset, bathe in a warm sea or climb to the blue ice of a thousand-year-old glacier.

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