Types Of Tourist Routes

печора гостиницы цены

Complete list of the types of tourism officially registered, classified and referenced with validation methods for assigning titles and grades

Mass tourism is below the first category of complexity.

Large tourism - documented catches above the first category of complexity.

Extreme tourism - illicit tourism (over 6 categories of complexities that are not registered anywhere and which are prohibited by the rescue service).

Reference tourism - 1. Pedestrian tourism, 2. mountain tourism, 3. water tourism (small vessels), 4. end tourism, 4. cycling tourism, 5. ski tourism, 6. Special tourism, 8 sail tourism, 9 auto-tourism
Recreation: (from lat.Recreate-recovery) recovery of health and disability through rest outside the home: on the horse of nature, tourism, etc.

Commercial tourism - reference tourism with maximum comfort.

Gusnicus is a meeting of tourists in the city after a walk.

Turbaza is the establishment of mobile tourism routes, tourism trainers, a tourist stock and an office. Places (except tents) of the turbase may not be available.

- walks and walks in mountains with comfort.

Azimuth is the direction of motion.

The trans-shipment is the lower ridge, the central part through which the transition is possible.

Travers is a slope transition without a set and losing altitude.

The day is the day of the walk, which the group is not going anywhere, but standing there.

Walking is the distance between the two basements.

Nara - wooden nasts, used in tourist shelters and other basic dwellings.

The tour is the trail of the rock pyramid. Tours are being set up on the mountain platoons, the alpine and nival zones.

Ledorub is the main insurer, one of the main tourist symbols.

Alpenstock is a stick with a metal end.

Tourist boots are deep tread shoes.

Tourist skis are broad skis with half-strength.

Subalpian zone is a zone of high-grass grass and flowers.

The Alpine Zone is a low-grown grass zone.

The nival zone is the zone of naked rocks, eternal ice and snow.

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