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Russian tourist routes

Russia ' s gold ring is one of the country ' s most popular tourist products. To date, we are working hard to move to the same level of knowledge of the Rouse Landing, the Great Volga, the Russian Serene Dry, the Great Chain Road, the Great Silk Route, the Hurala Colour Ring.

- Encyclopedia of the values of our rich country. It is a family of tourist routes passing through ancient Russian cities, where unique monuments of Russia ' s history and culture and the centres of people ' s handicrafts have been maintained. The classic route will suit all those who love to learn the new, want to meet the architectural and historical monuments that are not indifferent to the Russian landscape and want to escape from the metropolitan locust, dulling into the insufficiency and simplicity of the real Russian province.

The towns of the Golden ring are real monuments of history, true museums under the open sky. Each of the cities of the Golden ring - Vladimir, Suzdal, Ivanovo, Kostrom, Jaroslavl, Rostov Velj, Pereslav-Zales, Sergiy Posad - is unique in its own way, beautiful in any weather and of great interest to domestic and foreign travellers.

Russian silver necklace In addition to the famous tourist brand, the Golden ring is the ring around St Petersburg. It included St. Petersburg, the Great Novgorod, the Old Russa, the Great Luki, Porkhov, Pskov, Pechora, Ivangorod, Kingisapp, Choborg, Korela (Proiserssk), Old Ladoga, Tivin and Petrosavozsk. And after joining the Vologda project, Arkhangelska with Solovaki, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Komi and the Nenet Autonomous District, the ring became a giant necklace.

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