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Hours with gps tracker for pedestrian and mountain tourism suunto traverse
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SUUNTO Traverse с приемником спутниковых сигналов GPS/GLONASS

In tribute to traditional style, the Finnish company SUUNTO announced the launch of a new smart watch line with the GPS tracker called Traverse. The main functional differences of SUUNTO Traverse are the availability of an improved navigation system with a double GPS/GLONASS sensor. In addition, the new model tracks the daily activity with the number of steps taken and the calories spent. Through the Bluetooth Smart technology, SUUNTO Traverse watches for tourism and active recreation have the possibility of connecting Suunto Smart Sensor and synchronizing with a smartphone.

Comparing the Traverse ' s active rest hours with the SUUNTO Ambit3, the number of sporting functions is slightly lower. However, the price of the novel is more attractive. It can thus be noted that the Finnish mark has not escaped the general trend of creating the widest possible line of sports hours for each of the purchasing groups. SUUNTO Traverse is positioned as " time of built-in navigation Pedestrian and mountain tourism" .SUUNTO Traverse с приемником спутниковых сигналов GPS/GLONASS They have:

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