Mining Tourism Footwear

Tourism shoes: women and men, winter and summer

As part of the journey, it is understandable that the minimum necessary things and items should be taken with them, and all the equipment must meet the requirements. In this sense, the tourist shoes will not be entirely extra, because it is the one that is convenient and quality that allows us to move on without causing any interference with walking.

Here are several types of shoes intended for different purposes of the tourist:

Traking shoes (crossings) are convenient for urban walks, and summer walks can also take place in both the open and the forest area. On a large scale, tuking shoes are some kind of boot; depending on the model, they can be enhanced by protection against moisture and dirt, thus making this option longer. This page presents the shoes of women ' s and men ' s tourists, a variety of options that will help make the right choice. It looks like an appearance, but it's very different from sno-board mountain plastic boots. There are special steps in their soles, which not only skis but also snow and cats. The top of the boot is removed from the impactor plastic that prevents leg damage. It shall ensure the foot is rigidly fixed. The legibility of shoelaces in models of this type of tourist footwear provides large ears or small rolls. Such winter tourist shoes are often equipped with a VIBRAM pole, these " gloves " for the legs of the last generation. In the absence of temperature comfort at the maximum level, the internal boots produced from warm-up tissue with heat-reflecting layers shall be maintained.

The soft boots are much similar to the previous ones, but they differ because they are used in temperate, medium temperatures. This is a summer tourist shoe, which is why the top of the shoe is removed from the skin or nubuoy, but it does not have an internal rate, although there are often models with characteristics that are far superior to the above-mentioned plastics.

Special-purpose tourist shoes.

Depending on the complexity of the terrain, not only shoes and shoes are necessary, but also snows, vaginas, scalnics and even non-pregnant beans.

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