Weight Of The Backpack To The Mountain

каков нормальный вес баула

Let's pretend that you're the one who made your first move, you've already got a little bit more, morally built, and you've even come to the mountains - what's next?
And then, as long as this wonderful moment doesn't last, it's like a minute when a healthy backpack is on your shoulders, and it's going to go back to your feet with those... mountain kilometers.

So there's something you can do to keep the backpack from your first moves to the subject of hate, and for the other tourists, it's a mockery?
Of course you can. Let's try to figure out how to do this.
(I'd like to explain that it's hard to explain these things, but I'll try.) 1. The main rule is that the centre of gravity of the backpack shall be as close as possible to the lap and horizontally to the back.
The rightly arranged and well-focused backpack (with any weight) should allow you to stand absolutely straight without special problems. To do that, we're gonna have to do the same thing. Ideally, it would be good to have a big package of fat polyethylene (so-called deposit box) that fits right into the backpack, and then it's all set. If all of this is done, wetting the backpack in any rain (and even its fall into the river) will not cause any harm to its contents. 3. The backpack shall be scattered and all strings and belts shall be removed before the back is laid. And only by putting it all down, starting to tighten it up and catch it. Clan... ♪
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