Obstacles To Mountain Tourism

Lavina, of all the natural disasters of lavin, is the worst
Встреча Каталонцев с

Of all the natural disasters, lavina is the most at risk to people who commit an emergency transition. Suffice it to say that, in alpineism, the deaths and injuries caused by the leavin hike are 19 per cent of the total number of victims, in 19 per cent. tourism - 28, 8%.

It's dangerous not only the catastrophic scale of the lavain, but also the carlix. Imagine that the snow slope of 25x30 m and 20 cm thick will have a volume of 150 m3 and a weight of 20 to 30 t!

The famous Austrian mountain conductor, Sepp Kurtz, died under a snow landslide of 6x4 m and 24 cm thickness of snow cover!

The rules of conduct in the lavino danger zone are sufficiently detailed and repeated in popular and special tourist literature. Separate excerpts from the " Lavino-hazardous Travel Teams " , which include inspected recommendations for winter tourists, are presented below.

It is not recommended that:
- smooth slopes of more than 25 to 30° with no stones, trees and bites above the surface of the snow, especially those covered with dry snow, on a solid slide;
- slopes lighted by the sun, with crude snow and numerous “snowledge snails”;
- slopes or similar places with fresh lavin or snow. Dangerous to move forward:
- if a strong snow falls or has just passed;
- if there are large snow carnips above the slope;
- if the snow has been planted with the characteristic sound of "uh-uh!", which indicates that there is a layer of weak clutch, a “glubin emblem”;
- in conditions of poor visibility or deterioration;
- with a dramatic change in weather conditions. The direction of the movement should be chosen under the protection of the obstacles to a possible lavain (cams, bites, trees) by logic and polished areas, counterforests, carpentry and snow burial, even if this extends the road and requires an unintended set of heights.

The route of the rise to the crossroads (or downstream) should be swelled, preferably by unseen forms of relay (salms, stones). On unforested slopes, especially with slack snow, it is better to prefer the movement without skiing to the forehead, avoiding cutting the slope.

Lavino-hazardous areas are safest to cross above the line of the main snowboard, on the slopes of the lavin, to cross in the upper part, close to the forest boundary; the wind and shadow slope is safer than the vent and sun.

During the transition, an observer should be placed in a safe, well-reviewed location. It should monitor the movement of the group and record the place of disappearance of the participant in the event of a similar lavain, warning of danger.

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