Federation Of Mountain Tourism

Dmitrov Region Sports Tourism Federation
федерация спортивного туризма

Our veteran, a single club, an honorary member of the Federation, Vladimir Sicev, is 70 years old! At the shoulders of the Volody, dozens of mountains and admirations, the Dmitrov flag in the hands of the Volody has not once broken up on the top of Elbrus, on the top of Kazbek and Beluh! On behalf of all the members of the Federation of Sports Tourism of the Dmitrovsky Region, our heartfelt congratulations to Jubila! We want a strong health, a fortress of spirit, new peaks, new wins and achievements! We're at you and we're proud of you!

Hello, friends! We're the second day in Bishkek, everything is great, delicious, unforgettable... Dima V. was at the airport, I'm leaving tomorrow myself, someone's going to move on. ♪ )
It's been taken, everyone's happy, 3 passes 2A and 4-1B. The Kirgis Ridge gave an unspeakable impression that I would come back here again sometime in the coming years. ♪ )

Friends, we're going to a mountainous "six" on Pamir of our one-stop clubs, Sasha Feflov, Sergei Kurakova and Olga Romantsov. Who has the opportunity to come to the Dmitrov station at 15:45.

For those who were on the tourist festival, we'll remember how it was. For those who weren't, let's see what we missed, jealous and come to the next year. Fantastic video from Fedosov.

There was another one-year-old Queen tourists, traditionally at a high level. Thank the organizers and the judge. Thank you all those who came and, under such difficult weather conditions, backed the guys from Dmitrov. And, of course, thank you all who took part in the DGT and the Dmitrov district FTA. Congratulating all winners and participants, the most important thing is participation!
Now you can switch to prep for summer camping!
FS. Flights in album

Any adventure is worth what you have to remember. And with these priceless adventures, there's no way to forget! Thank you, my good, for every "30 minutes" of our walk!

21-22 May 2016 - MoD Championate Mining tourism Touch-eye. In the next Thursday at the session, review of Class 2 and 3. All those who plan to participate as liaison participants or as a group of cheerleaders are requested to attend on Thursday, 19 May.

It's a great day for friends. Four years ago, on 12 April 2012, the organization of the Federation and the club was decided at the Dmitrov district veterans ' meeting of sports tourism. After a year and a half, the Federation was officially registered on 26 September 2013. So little has passed, so much has been done and so much remains to be done and done! Friends!

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