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What's going on with the Camouflage?
Most people believe that the word "Camouflage" in the clothes means, above all, a certain colour of the clothes. But it's not. First of all, these are certain properties of tissues and materials used to make these clothes and define the unique characteristics of the clothing of the Camouflage. These materials were specifically designed to produce clothing and active recreational equipment (alpinism, mining, fishing, extreme sports, etc.), military and special clothing. As a result, child camouflage clothing:
1. Unprotected and unprotected - excellent protection against wind, rain and snow.
2. Suitable and breathing - soft tissue, free cream.
3. Comfort, warm, solid, all clothing has a high degree of strength and wear.
Except for previous qualities, child camouflage has a very high practice - clothes don't need to be erased often, it doesn't require verbs. The material, as well as the strong stitches, make the children's camouflage ready for any test! That is why, in recent years, children ' s camouflage has become increasingly widespread, not only among cadets, campers, fishermen and hunters, but also in everyday life!

But the color of camouflage clothing is also important - it's interesting, unusual, unique! Producers offer huge choices of inspired colours such as: autumn and winter forest, stap, etc. The colors are almost never repeated!

And if you have any further doubts after all, the prices of these clothes will be the final argument for buying your child's suit, they're just low for clothing with such unique properties!

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