Mining In Abkhazia

Active recreation and tourism in Abkhazia
Горный туризм в Абхазии

Abkhazia is the country of soul! Indeed, on the coast of the Black Sea, the douche was a little commercialized and not very different from the Russian side.
♪ In the mountains?
♪ We're on our way! Our routes along the mountains of Abkhazia pass through the Ritz Reserve and the Kodori Valley are a tourist area.
We don't go to the mountains, we order a bus.
From the Adler Trace, Sukhum in the Pizzunda area, the road through the NEREALO beautiful Yupshara Canyon to the pride of Abkhazia, mountain lake Ritz.
The walls of canyon, many waterfalls, ancient towers, the canyon of Ochni is beautiful!
Rice is the shore of the mountain lake, and they bury Stalin's dock. For a man resting at sea, getting on a bus to a mountain lake is his best wishes. For us, minimum. It's two miles ahead of the Alps, and then it's ridges, mountains and tops! Let's go on the mountain road, on the right, the mountain up, on the left, and the mountain river's junk. I'm home.
Distance: Sequoia, Himalayan Cedre, earth tree, pychta, burglar, oak, samashit, lavrovish!

In the area of our walk from underground under pressure, the mineral source (Auadhara) will be thirsty!
We're camping next to herds. You can get a mammal, fresh milk, shuffles, abkhaz cheese, honey.
There are things in town that years go unnoticed. In walking, days are equal for weeks with full impressions.
There are often linear routes in the tourism industry, a backpack, and forward! The specificity of the route in Abkhazia is three days with backpack and five!

After acquisition mountains Abkhazia, those who take the time to go home and want to spend more time at sea and enjoy a vacation in Abkhazia, help with being placed at sea, take this into account when buying back tickets!

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Russian and CIS citizens are not required to visit Abkhazia. Citizens of the Russian Federation for entry to Abkhazia must be given an existing civilian passport or a foreign passport. Citizens of Ukraine, Tajikistan and other CIS countries are permitted to enter Abkhazia only if there is a valid foreign passport.

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